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Selfie League

Memphis Selfie League

The Memphis Selfie League qualifying runs from January 3rd to January 31st. At the end of the qualifying window, the top 8 will compete in a Finals.

Here is how to participate in the Memphis Selfie League. Between January 3rd and 31st, there will be a selection of machines in Memphis that have been selected and designated for the selfie league. The machines selected for the January Memphis Selfie League are Iron Maiden, Fish Tales, and NBA Fastbreak at Memphis Made Brewing and Lethal Weapon 3 at Garibaldi’s Pizza U of M location on Walker Ave. To participate, simply play on the designated machines (these machines will have a Memphis Selfie League sticker displayed on the machine) and after the game is complete take a selfie with your score. If you prefer not to be in the photo, you may take just a photo of you score. DO NOTE that your photo MUST include the score and the Memphis Selfie League sticker. You will then submit the selfie of your score to (All scores must be submitted by e-mail or Facebook. No texting of scores) Your submitted scores will be collected and ranked against the other submitted scores. These scores will be ranked and displayed in at the bottom of this page. You can submit as many scores are you would like, however know that it will be your highest score that will be recorded and displayed. Participants should submit scores on all four of the designated Memphis Selfie League machines. The person with the highest submitted score on a machine will receive 100 points, second highest score will receive 99 points and so forth. At the end of the month, the 8 participants with the most cumulative points will advance to an in-person Finals. Remember, you can submit as many scores are you would like, but only your highest score on a machine will be recorded, displayed and added to your cumulative score.