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Bluff City Pinball League Season 2

Bluff City Pinball League is an 8 week league where the first 7 weeks are qualifying rounds and the 8th week is the League Finals. The league will meet at Memphis Made Brewing every Monday night at 7pm starting September 17, 2018. All the first games of the night will start at 7:15pm and the league night should end around 9:30 depending on game lengths and skill levels. (During season 1, most groups finished closer to 9:00pm)

Each league night, players will be placed into groups of 4 (or as close to as possible). The first league night players will be placed in order of the prior year's state IFPA ranking. The remaining nights players will be placed in groups based upon their scores over the course of the league.

Each group will play a four player game on 4 different machines each week. Points will be awarded based upon their placing on each game. First place will receive 3 points, second place 2 points, third place 1 points and fourth place 0 point.  There are bonus points available each round. If the bonus points are not achieved by select players within the group, the points will default to the other players within the group.  See for more detailed information. For a great visual of the bonus point distribution take a look at .

After Week 7, players will be entered into the League Finals the next week.  If there are 9 - 17 players there  will be two divisions in the Finals; an A Division and a B Division. If there are 18 - 27 players there will be three divisions in the Finals; A - C Division.  If there are 28 - 44 players there will be four divisions in the Finals; A - D Division. If more that 45 players, the weill be five divisions in the Finals; A - E divisions. Players must attend a minimum of 3 league nights (out of 7 qualifying rounds) to be eligible for the finals. Players will keep their 6 highest scores from the 7 league nights.

The league will cost $35 for the whole season.  For $50 you can pay for league and receive a league t-shirt. (League shirts will be available for sale later in the season for $20 a shirt)  During league play, the machine will be set on free play Participants will pay for the league their first night of attendance. This is an IFPA event.

We will use a modified FSPA Rule book.  Modified for season length and coin drop.

League nights:  9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 and 11/5 [League Finals]

*9/9 from 4-8pm at Memphis Made Brewing, there will be a time to play pinball, ask questions, register and record preplay scores for the coming season.   Come on out and play some pinball, ask questions and meet some of the fellow players. Machines will be set to FreePlay for this event.

The league's progression and player stats will be available at

If you are interested in joining the league or have any questions, please fill out the information below. 

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Memphis Made Brewing

768 Cooper St.
Memphis, TN, 38104
United States